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Industrial Modern Living Room 2.jpg

Industrial Modern

Sleek Minimalism, Industrial Chic

Our industrial modern concept is a popular style that is characterised by a sleek and minimalistic approach to decorating. This design style blends the raw, unfinished look of industrial design with the clean, simple lines of modern design, resulting in a space that feels contemporary and edgy. ​


Key features of industrial modern interior design may include exposed brick or concrete walls, metal accents, and natural materials such as wood, leather, and stone. The colour palette typically consists of neutral shades like black, white, and grey, but may also include bold pops of colour like red or yellow. ​


Artwork and decor in an industrial modern space are typically bold and graphic, with large-scale abstract paintings, black and white photography, .


Overall, our industrial modern concept creates a sleek, edgy, and slightly unconventional space that is perfect for those who enjoy a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of industrial flair.

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