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Geometric Bedroom Bed.jpg


Bold Shapes, Refined Modernity

Our geometric concept is a modern and bold style that draws inspiration from geometric shapes and patterns. This design style is characterised by clean lines, strong angles, and a sense of order and structure. ​


In a geometric interior, you'll find a colour palette that is typically muted and neutral, with shades of white, grey, and black dominating the space. Bold pops of color may be used to create interest, such as a vibrant red or a bright yellow. ​


Finishes and materials used in a geometric concept include sleek metals like stainless steel or polished brass, as well as smooth surfaces like glass or high-gloss lacquer. Textural elements like shag rugs or textured throw pillows add warmth and depth to the space. ​


Overall, our geometric concept creates a space that is modern, bold, and sophisticated. It is perfect for those who appreciate order and structure, and want to create a space that feels clean and organised while still being visually interesting.

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