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5 Fatal Mistakes Investors Make when taking on interiors in their own property and why you should pay the professionals

May 1, 2019

Doing It Themselves

Investing smartly is about knowing your strengths and letting others deal with your weaknesses. Chances are if you are investing in property and growing your portfolio, interior design isn’t your first passion or skill.

Using interiors stylists or designers can help you achieve high returns on rents and sales within your budget.

Choosing Suppliers over Interiors Company

These are two very different services and the difference in using them can be a deal breaker. Furniture suppliers and companies essentially deliver furniture and that’s about it. Interiors do that too but think about the planning of the property, the details, the functionality, the flow and generally the bigger picture and end result.

Price VS Finish

The whole point of a renovation is to revive the existing building. The finish is the end game and skills costs money. Pay the professionals and you won’t have to put up with that uneven cutting in or pay double in rectifying a novices mistakes.

Wanting to save money

Being conscious of spending is important but knowing where you should spend the money is essential to a solid investment. Interior specialists know the tricks of the trade to give you the best deal for the best effect. Trying to save money doing it yourself not only costs you a huge amount of time but could cost you even more in voids.

Price Over Quality

Buying poor quality furnishings or cutting back for the cheapest option may just cost you more money. You buy cheap then you may just have to buy it twice. Not only does bad quality indicate that things may break but they also can look it which will ensure your portfolio reflects this!

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